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Board members, colleagues and staff

“We hired Graham as the CEO of Concerro (called Bidshift at the time). Graham is a tireless worker who took over a challenging situation. He filled out the mgmt team with outstanding talent, and got the team focused on key objectives. He does an excellent job at developing his team, and directing the company to the right strategy. The next opportunity that I have to hire a CEO, Graham will be the first phone call I make.”                                                                                                                                       Ira Weiss, Hyde Park Venture Partners

“Having worked closely with over 20 CEOs of start-up companies, I can confidently say that Graham is one of the most capable, productive, business savvy, honest and hardworking executives I have ever met. Graham had central responsibility for taking NextWeb from a bare bones start-up to a profitable company that was purchased at a premium due to the quality of the team, client base and infrastructure.”                                                                                                         Chris Grant, Senior Vice President, Kaiser Permanente

“Graham is the kind of standout advisor that you are truly lucky to have behind your organization. He takes his commitment to the Center seriously and sets a higher standard for other advisors by going above and beyond his basic advisory board commitments.”
                                                                       Kevin Holmes, Director Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Santa Clara University

“I had the pleasure of working with Graham during his tenure at Concerro, where I was a Board Advisor and investor in the company. Graham was a strong leader of Concerro and led the company to solid growth and an exit despite the very strong economic headwinds of the 2008-2011 period. Graham brings a broad basket of management and analytical skills to any task he undertakes, and would be a big value to any young and growing company.”                                                                        Saul Richter, Partner, Emerald Stage 2 Ventures

“Graham is an effective business manager and leader who knows how to get results. Graham is able to strike a balance between knowing how to grow a business while keeping it financially sound.”
                                                                                             Pat Bennett, former CEO, Covad Communications (acquired NextWeb in 2006)